Our Santa Fe Dining Guide

Top Santa Fe's Restaurants

Santa Fe is famous for its red and green chile, but that’s just the beginning. The local fare draws influences from the different people and cultures who have called Santa Fe home over the last 400 years. Today, our chefs are building international reputations for their traditional dishes and well as their innovative farm-to-table creations. And you won’t believe the thriving local beer, wine, cider and spirit scene. Start planning your Santa Fe culinary adventures by calling us today at 505.983.0737


A regional saying opines “Gusto con gusto siempre es gusto” which translates as “Pleasure with taste is always a pleasure” And with as many restaurants as art galleries – more than 200 – Santa Fe has justly earned its international reputation as a “must” in dining destinations.  Santa Fe is also on the Top Four as Best Food Town.  Our guests can download our app which features an even more comprehensive list of restaurants here in Santa Fe   (Click on Underlined name of restaurant to visit their website)

How many Santa Fe restaurants are there?

Santa Fe has nearly 500 restaurants and eateries, ranging from authentic New Mexican cuisine and international flavors to locally sourced New American and sumptuous fine dining. Most Santa Fe restaurants are currently offering take out

What kind of food is Santa Fe famous for?

Santa Fe is known for red and green chile, which is integrated into a variety of dishes from traditional slow-cooked beans or posole and more upscale plates to modern New Mexican cuisine like green chile burger or the indulgent Frito pie.

How many takeout Santa Fe restaurants are open?

Most Santa Fe restaurants are open for takeout and some are open for outdoor patio dining. Learn more about some of our favorite restaurants currently open for takeout.