Santa Fe Property Management

We Offer the Finest Care for Your Santa Fe Luxury Home

Santa Fe Luxury Rental works closely with property owners to care for your home and maximize the value of your investment. Maintaining your home is our highest priority. Through open communication and modern marketing strategies, we ensure that your special Santa Fe home is treated with the utmost respect and produces reliable revenue. We invite you to become a part of our hand-picked portfolio of rentals in our Santa Fe property management program.

We Care For Your Home

We believe that superior maintenance is a continuous process. Our in-depth property inspections and preventative maintenance schedules ensure that all repairs are made right away.

Our Santa Fe Property Management Services: 
    • Maintenance, repairs, and preventive maintenance schedules
    • Property inspections: periodic and impromptu
    • Verify and renew required licenses; monitor regulatory changes
    • Initial home-readiness


Maximize Rental Revenue 

Gaining a high return on your Santa Fe vacation home requires professional reservation management. To increase sales, we focus on modern digital marketing tactics and diverse lead generation. We follow through personally on all rental inquiries, bookings, and stays.

Santa Fe Rental Property Management  & Marketing: 
  • Creation and monitoring of rental performance goals
  • Premium representation in the modern vacation rental marketplace
  • Strategic marketing and promotions 
  • Search optimization and targeted email marketing
  • Prompt, personalized follow-through on rental inquiries, calendar management, bookings, rent collection, property protection, pre-stay concierge services,  “welcome home” follow-up, and issue resolution



Santa Fe vacation home

Provide Superior Guest Services

Quality guest service is an essential aspect of our success. Our local, Santa Fe team is on-site to provide in-person guest and concierge services. We go above and beyond to help your guest create exceptional vacations in Santa Fe. 

Santa Fe Vacation Rental Guest Services: 
  • Fully prepare your home with necessary household amenities and supplies
  • Pre-stay concierge services
  • Local staff to provide owner or guest services upon arrival
  • Personalize follow up with guests after their stay